Toscana Wellness Series – Robert deStefano

Robert deStefano is our visiting speaker and lead a thriving San Francisco advertising agency with a life of location commercial shoots and campaign launches. It also came with the hefty price tag of chronic insomnia, anxiety and declining health. The bust of 2000 impacted deStefano’s firm, leading ultimately to its sale. Jobless for the first time in twenty years opened the space for deStefano to focus on healing the damage done by years of chronic poor sleep. DeStefano dove deep into the field of sleep research to discover a mammoth sleep drug industry doing little long-term good for the rapidly growing number of people losing vital sleep nightly. Armed with a strong belief that natural sleep is the only truly beneficial sleep and that natural sleep can only be found naturally, deStefano focused on creating a set of tools that would help the sleep deprived person help themselves in taking back their sleep. The right tools became a breakthrough development in sleep music combined with a reader-friendly guidebook chockfull of insomnia-busting tips and techniques. After two years of enthusiastically testing the Zzone with everyone including deStefano’s two adolescent daughters, his eighty-year old dad and ultimately insomnia suffers coast-to-coast, deStefano packaged The Zzone for the general public. Today, deStefano is the Co-founder of Sleep Garden, Inc. Sleep Garden is a publishing company committed to bettering health, appearance and wellbeing through better sleep – naturally.

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