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Waffle Styles and the Toppings

Have you tried our Liège-style waffle or Belgian style waffle? Did you know that in Belgium, there’s not just one style of a Belgian waffle? While there are many variations, the two most popular are the Liège (gaufre de Liège) and the Brussels (gaufre de Bruxelles). Named after the city in Wallonia where it originated, the Liège waffle (also known as the Luikse wafel, in Flemish) is round and features a yeasted brioche-like dough and crunchy pearl sugar that caramelizes during cooking, making for a denser, chewier waffle; while the Brussels is lighter and rectangular. Unlike American waffle recipes, Belgian waffle recipes like ours traditionally call for yeast as opposed to baking powder. You won’t find Belgians eating waffles for breakfast. They indulge in waffles as a casual street food or rich dessert. In fact, waffles have been sold as street food since the middle ages when they were first introduced in Europe!

Are you ready to Indulge in the tradition? Then it’s time to get your waffle iron out! Complement your creation with toppings like fruity jams. From traditional flavors like Morello cherry to non-traditional options such as blood orange, there’s room to get creative! If you prefer a more dessert-like option, reach for a chocolate spread for an extra Belgian touch. Fresh fruit is also great, and there’s no shortage of delicious fruit available. From figs to peaches to berries, take advantage of what your local market has in season.

They don’t call it the Belgian waffle for nothing!

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