“…Thoughts From The Masters” – Day Three

By Bill Harmon, Director of Instruction

Another good day at Augusta National. Bill Haas had a nice last warm up for the opening round. He practiced for an hour and then played the back nine by himself. He got in some good work on and around the greens before he was to play the par 3 tournament, with his sister Haley caddying for him. Unfortunately, the par 3 was cancelled before he teed off because of weather. Storms have been threatening to be bad these last two days – in fact, a storm last night created serious damage on the course – but the days have actually been perfect. Weather warnings were issued at 3:45 and everyone was advised to seek shelter. Tomorrow will be better. And I think by now, all of the players are looking forward to Thursday. You can only play so many practice rounds and hit so many balls…let the games begin!!

Our auction winner and Masters Week 2012 guest arrived this afternoon. Robin and I bought Masters shirts, hats, and umbrellas to put in their rooms as little “goody bags.”

Tonight, Bones, Fluff, John Wood (Hunter Mahan’s caddy), Joe LaCava (Tiger’s caddy), and Jay Haas, Jr. joined us for dinner. Great night! You will always get the “real” stories from the caddies. The players are a little more guarded, as they should be! The dinner was fantastic. I can’t even begin to tell you how great the tour caddies were. I only wish that any golf fan could have experienced this evening. There were WAY too many great stories to communicate in this forum! Bones, Joe, Fluff, and Woody are best of friends – and are all renting a house together this week. They have been caddying long enough that they have had some great battles with each other in many events and they remember EVERYTHING about the wins and losses! Telling some of these battle stories was the evening’s highlight: Jay Jr. had the great battle with his brother Bill, Hunter Mahan, and Woody at the Tour Championship that also determined the Fed Ex Cup winner. Some good “inside stuff” from that week!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to our guests and my caddy friends for their contributions to our foundation. Overwhelming. Each of them immediately answered, “yes,” when I asked them to participate. True professionals and great people. Well….I will check back after the first round. As always, I’m really looking forward to the Masters, but I’m so grateful that there is a member of Haas family participating. I will not miss one of Bill’s shots! See y’all later!

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