Toscana Cycling Club and Wheel Yoga Workshop

Toscana Cycling Club Congratulations to Team Toscana who represented the cycling club by riding 50 miles in the Tour De Palm Springs. Pictured below are cyclists Wilf Gobert, Marg Gobert, Edward Derrico, Mike Van Handel, Howard Houston and Gord Bontje with Toscana staff Jennifer Di Francesco, Rick Saul and Saul Nunez. Wheel Yoga Workshop 10 […]

Birding Excursion to the Salton Sea

On Monday, January 8 you can take part in an event called “Winged Wonders of the Salton Sea with Kurt Lueschner”. Kurt is the Professor of Natural Resources at College of the Desert. This is an educational day ($25.00 including lunch) to learn about this nearby habitat and a great opportunity for some wonderful photography. […]

Waffle Styles and the Toppings

Have you tried our Liège-style waffle or Belgian style waffle? Did you know that in Belgium, there’s not just one style of a Belgian waffle? While there are many variations, the two most popular are the Liège (gaufre de Liège) and the Brussels (gaufre de Bruxelles). Named after the city in Wallonia where it originated, […]

Meditation As One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

A meaningful intention to set for the New Year is to start a little meditation. Even if it is for a mere 10 minutes per day. Meredith Hooke was the Toscana Wellness speaker for December and attendees learned about the health benefits of meditating. We are used to having ongoing dopamine hits during the day. […]

Film Club Dinner and Movie Night

Film Club Dinner and Movie Night Sunday, December 4 from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the Men’s Grille Title: Force Majeure Language: Swedish with English subtitles Description: This relationship drama centers on an almost-avalanche that turns everything upside down for a Swedish family on a ski holiday in France. When the husband and wife have […]

Tour around Desert Regional Medical Center NICU

On Tuesday, November 11, Julie Bloom and I went to Desert Regional Medical Center and met with Ricki Hill from The March of Dimes Foundation. Julie, Ricki and I, along with Angelina Castteberry, who is the executive director of Made for a Miracle, were lucky enough to get to tour the hospital NICU. The NICU […]