Off to the PGA Championship


Off to PGA at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY. My brother Craig has been the Head Golf Professional at Oak Hill for 42 years! In that time the Club has hosted three PGA’s, one US OPEN, a US SENIOR OPEN, a RYDER CUP and a US AMATEUR. What a wonderful run Craig has had at Oak Hill. Craig has been the PGA National Club Professional of the year and is also in PGA Hall of Fame. He has reached the top of his profession. With Butch being rated the #1 golf instructor for years and Craig being the #1 club pro, I often wonder how proud my parents would be of the two of them. Pretty cool stuff.

I worked at Oak Hill for 6 different seasons and was an assistant during the 1989 US OPEN. I place great value on the time I spent at Oak Hill and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the many friends I made in Rochester over the years. It will also be very special to be on the same range with Craig, Butch and Claude III, who also teaches many players including Ernie Els and Nick Watney.

I will be working with John Merrick and doing a little “course work” with Bill Haas. I think I can be of value to both of them on the nuances of Oak Hill CC. Have played there hundreds of times and perhaps I can impart a little “local knowledge” on both players and their caddies. I will be walking the course early Monday morning with Bill and John’s caddies so when the players show up the caddies will have enough info on each hole to be able to think “game plan” right away. Also, like many old courses, the greens are tricky to read and I know putts on almost every hole that don’t break the way they “look” so I think we will be able to get some quality work done the next few days.

Oak Hill is just a fabulous golf course that does not necessarily favor length. It favors players that can put the ball in the fairway and keep their iron shots under the hole. Having said all that, none of my info will make any difference if they don’t play well!! Come Thursday I have to get behind the ropes where I belong!! I have never heard a player say they didn’t like Oak Hill.

I think you will see a worthy champion crowned on Sunday evening and once again, Oak Hill CC will be the winner! Looking forward to sharing my experience at the PGA with you this week!

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  1. Billy
    Wear something very colorful when you are behind the ropes so we can watch you on TV. Am looking foward to your posts. Nick is at member guest at Gozzer and I’m traveling and working…..nice job!!! Enjoy Rochester…………..tom

  2. mike quinn says: Reply

    Hey Bill….look forward to your expert insider comments during the PGA…and some fun stories too……

    By the way, we love seeing your high school graduation picture on the blog!!!

    You look great !! All the best……I see Davis is paired with Tiger and Keegan Bradley….
    Between the throng following Tiger and Bradleys odd , slow , pre shot routine, he has lots of distractions.

    Mike Quinn

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