Meditation As One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

A meaningful intention to set for the New Year is to start a little meditation. Even if it is for a mere 10 minutes per day. Meredith Hooke was the Toscana Wellness speaker for December and attendees learned about the health benefits of meditating. We are used to having ongoing dopamine hits during the day. These are chemical surges in our brain that make us feel good. They occur from experiences where we feel reward that is quick and most of the time fleeting. Shopping, Social Media, and addictive habits such as gambling and drinking alcohol can create a dopamine rush. We think these experiences make us happy yet the experience many times levels off and make us feel a sense of what’s next. To curtail this cycle and balance things meditation is the answer. Quieting the mind and knowing that a sense of calm is a better reward is hard to achieve. Join us for 3 hours of meditation workshop called “Train Your Brain” along with discussion on Tuesday, January 3. Make this a New Year’s resolution for profound results. CLICK HERE to register.

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