Listen to the Mockingbird……….and the win(n)er is

We had quite a few Members enter guesses in our “Name that Bird” contest. Unfortunately, Cardinals and Tanagers are beautiful birds, but would not be (according to the clue) outfielders on a baseball team. Outfielders catch flies, and in the bird world, there is a whole class of flycatchers. The red color of our little flycatcher even has it’s own name. Vermilion is a brilliant red. I have seen the Vermilion Flycatcher for several years now and finally got a great photo of him. Six Members either knew or guessed Vermilion Flycatcher and were entered into the drawing for a bottle of Newton 2007 ‘The Puzzle’. Now we just need to find the most gregarious and fun-loving Toscana resident to make the announcement. Sorry Ron- it is not you!!

Several Members did comment on how much they enjoy listening to the birds of Toscana each day and cited the Mockingbird as a particular favorite. The Mockingbird loves to sing and would be the perfect vocalist for the ultimate cover band- he can sing anything!! They sing loud, in any weather, and never take a day off. I have no need for a bedside timer, for each day at 5 AM a Mockingbird takes perch in the tallest tree and delivers a wake up call- I guess he is my Alarm Mock (with no snooze button)! I think the Mockingbird that resides near the driving range tee is the self-proclaimed Mayor of Toscana. He is either running for political office or laughing at the early morn golf swings. Special thanks to Mr. Flasck for getting a couple of great photos of this bird that is always on the move. So, on behalf of the Mockingbird, we are pleased to announce that…Steve Kabel will be receiving a bottle of Newton 2007 ‘The Puzzle’ from our Toscana Wine Cellar…………………rick


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  1. Sherri says: Reply

    Bravo to the Mocking Bird and to Rick. Love the blog.

  2. Diana Arrigoni says: Reply

    We LOVED listening to the mockingbird this season. It reminded me of how my father used to carry on ‘bird” conversations with the mockingbird at home…beautiful!

  3. Chuck Killion says: Reply

    One of my favorites here at Toscana. We have a couple that frequent our patio.

  4. stuart and mary silk says: Reply

    Rick We are so excited that other members are into the bird watching. In the Spring around 6 pm, we usually go on a cocktail cruise in the golf cart so Stuart can show me some birds. The bird book is in the cart as we cruise. He even takes it on his golf rounds with the peppers!!You truly keep making Toscana a unique environment and not just for golf. You are so much fun and accomodating.
    Many many thanks and tons of appreciation,
    Stuart and Mary Silk


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