“Fire and Ice” Poem

“Fire and Ice”
By Jennifer DiFrancesco

1st…..The blue lagoon took us back to the womb
Then at every turn the gifts of geothermal energy enhanced out Toscana synergy.
Wind, Water, Lava Moss…It became evident Mother Nature is boss.
Wild flowers amidst towers.
Crumbling boulders, bubbling pots with hot spots
A verdant countryside. Quietude and an interlude for sleep with grazing sheep.
Stories of elves helped explore ourselves
Each day hiking, Iceland is striking
The power of Vikings have us liking.
The internal quest for our own inner zest.
Fire and Ice- It’s been paradise.
The saga of life is filled with strife yet what lessens our load
Are the friends we are bestowed
One final alamode…….
Getting a boost from our friends at Backroads!


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