Final Thoughts with Bill Harmon from the 2013 PGA Championship


The only thing I knew for sure was that Oak Hill would determine who played the best golf all week and it did…Jason Dufner! He shot the course record on Friday and then put on a ball striking clinic in the last group on Sunday to win a major championship! He played fantastic and deserved to win. Furyk didn’t lose, Dufner won!

Interesting to see how the PGA set up varies from USGA set up. The rough at Merion was much more penal and, although they had rain, the greens were much firmer. On paper, I would say that Oak Hill is harder than Merion, but I may have to rethink that. The lack of brutal rough allowed the players to hit more drivers at Oak Hill and it put short irons in the players hands on most holes. It’s also possible that the “modern day” tour pro has improved quite a bit and Oak Hill just wasn’t long enough given the soft conditions. Regardless of all that, it was a fantastic event with stellar golf at a wonderful venue! Congrats to Jason Dufner!

Couple other random thoughts from Oak Hill:

Hard to believe how bad Tiger drives the ball on tight courses. I didn’t think Oak Hill would set up well for Tiger or Phil. If they hit irons off tees to keep it in play, they would be hitting mid irons into greens where the good drivers were hitting wedges and 9 irons. Basically, whatever advantage they had with their distance was negated and their weaknesses exposed. Also, there are many players who hit it as far as they do, but they drive it straighter. I’ve always been baffled by the greatest players on the planet who can’t come up with a swing to get a driver in the fairway 70% of the time. Startling to me! They already HAVE distance! They have the luxury of trying to control it! You can tame a wild horse, a chicken will always be a chicken! In Tiger’s case, combine his poor driving with average putting in majors and there is your answer to his “major drought”. Is it getting mental? It has to be to some degree. He now has to wait until next April for the next major. That’s a long time for him to wait, but also gives him ample time to work on his weaknesses, which I’m sure he will.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the PGA from Oak Hill Country Club. A special thanks to my brother, Craig, not only for being a great brother and mentor, but for his 42 years of being the Golf Professional at Oak Hill Country Club and being one of the game’s greatest “servants.”

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