Dry Skin Brushing – Toscana Style

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to help eliminate dry body skin and cleanse the entire lymphatic system is to incorporate dry skin brushing into your daily routine before you get in the shower in the morning or evening.  if you are feeling sluggish, toxic, or ill you may want to dry skin brush twice a day.

It takes only a few minutes of your time.   All you need is a soft long-handled dry brush made of natural vegetable bristles or cactus. Other then cleansing the brush every one to two weeks, it should be kept brush

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing are:
1. Removes dry skin and makes it feel softer.
2. Cleanses the lymphatic system.
3. Helps your overall immunity.
4. Stimulates the circulation.
5. Tones the muscles.
6. Great for cell turnover and renewal.
7. Tightens the skin.
8. Aids in digestion.
9. Great for reducing cellulite.
10. Just an overall great way to help your body function at a healthier level.

How to do Dry Skin Brushing
1. Buy a long-handled brush with soft dry natural bristles.
2. Dry brush your skin before you get in the shower. Your body should be completely dry when
you do the dry skin brushing.
3. Start at the feet and do long gentle sweeping strokes towards the heart. On the front, inner,
outer, and backs of legs.
** Do not scrub, massage or rotate the brush on the body.
4. Sweep over the colon in the direction of the colon.
5. Brush up the arms starting at the fingertips and towards the shoulders, again, brush
towards the heart.
6. Brush down the back and Torso *( do not brush your nipples ) up the buttocks,
down the neck, and across the shoulders.
7. Do not brush the face. Do not brush over varicose veins, painful rashes or open
wounds. After you have completed dry skin brushing to your body, take a warm shower,
followed by a cool shower. This is very good for the blood circulation.
8. You can cleanse your brush every week or second week with hot soapy water. Or, use a spray of
the Essential Oil of Tea Tree or Lavender. These oils have natural anti-bacterial properties.

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