Concluding update from the Toscana cycling Croatia trip


Saturday was the final day of the Croatia cycling trip for 20 Toscana Members. The final steps took place in Dubrovnik. Instead of cycling, stairs and plentiful steps were the highlight of the final day. With a total of approx 4,000 steps inside the city walls there are a lot of quaint alleyways and jewels to uncover so walking and climbing is required.
The above photo is the group at the top of the ancient walls with a farewell wave to Croatia. A magical land indeed for 20 adventurous Toscana Members to savour and share memories amongst each other, and those who hopefully embark on this sacred land in the future!!!!!!!

We learned the word for slowly in Croatian which is Polako. I think each Toscana traveler learned the importance of this word during moments on the bike yet more importantly from the people and culture of Croatia. It is a way of life approached with great passion pace and pride!

Voljeti – Love

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