Bill Harmon from Presidents Cup – 11.12.11

Well, it only took me 3 days before a bad decision screwed up the whole damn tournament! -2 for day going to 11 in third round and that was the worst he could have been. Had missed 4 putts under 8 feet and playing beautifully. Have 225 yards to green on par five and the last 200 yards are over water. Can easily reach but a real weird shot…can’t just go long left cause there is lots of junk over there. He never considered laying up so I didn’t want to put a “negative” in his head….I should have. He smoked this 3 iron but pushed 5 yards right of his target, came up a yard short, made 7, doubled bogies the next hole and in the span of 20 minutes the whole event changes for us. Stupid caddy!! I should have opened my mouth and said “screw this weird hole, let’s just lay up, get a putt at birdie and get the hell out of here”!!!! Laid up the first two days and made birdie. Guarantee he doesn’t double 12 if we don’t screw up 11. Really ticked me off that I didn’t at least discuss that option. Told him later that it was my fault and he would have none of that, said he was confident with the shot and was aware of the lay up option but felt he was hitting it good and would knock it on green. Still, a par on those two holes and he’s in top ten going into last round…stupid caddy!!!!! Off to Melbourne tonight after the round, can’t wait! All the players, caddies and captains that are here are very excited to get there. In fact, Bill played with assistant captain John Cook yesterday and he beat Bill 71 to 72…hmmm that’s not a good sign…only kidding, Bill is playing good. I hate to admit this but…I’m kind of excited to see what we get for our uniforms. When we get to our rooms we will have Presidents Cup luggage and our caddy uniforms for the week. 7 different outfits, rain gear, hats, shirts, shorts, pants, outerwear etc. Feel like a kid the night before Christmas! Later!!!

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