Day: December 28, 2016

Birding Excursion to the Salton Sea

On Monday, January 8 you can take part in an event called “Winged Wonders of the Salton Sea with Kurt Lueschner”. Kurt is the Professor of Natural Resources at College of the Desert. This is an educational day ($25.00 including lunch) to learn about this nearby habitat and a great opportunity for some wonderful photography. […]

Waffle Styles and the Toppings

Have you tried our Liège-style waffle or Belgian style waffle? Did you know that in Belgium, there’s not just one style of a Belgian waffle? While there are many variations, the two most popular are the Liège (gaufre de Liège) and the Brussels (gaufre de Bruxelles). Named after the city in Wallonia where it originated, […]